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The drawing up of the draft Report to Parliament on the implementation of Law no. 285 includes the analysis of the projects in the database, whose aim is to identify the most significant experiences in some fields of interest. The selected projects are then studied and assessed by experts. This section of the website presents some projects which were chosen as best practices because of their methodological approach, innovative contents, or because they created networks of collaboration or consolidated services promoting the well-being of children and adolescents.

The elaboration of the Report published in 2007 in the book “Esperienze e buone pratiche oltre la legge 285/1997” (Experiences and best practices beside Law no. 285/1997) led to the elaboration of a thematic research on projects carried out from the 2000-2002 period until 2006, which were financed with funds other than the ones of Law no. 285. These activities were documented through the collection of several materials, which were made accessible online.

Since the creation of the Technical Coordination Table, the fields of analysis are chosen by the cities and shared with the representatives of the Ministry and of the National Centre. The selected projects are not only described in detail in the Report on the implementation of Law no. 285, but they are also discussed in seminars and specific focus groups organized during the technical meetings of the coordination table.

Here is a list of experiences whichwere presented by the representatives of Municipalities and/or of the bodies in charge of implementing the projects and which were considered of particular interest.