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Cittadini in crescitaresumes with a new series, coming out every three months.

The second issue of 2010, which is not monographic, contains interviews and analysis articles on current aspects concerning childhood and adolescence, as wel

Some of the topics addressed in the third issue of 2010 are a survey on adoptive families, the indicators of child well-being and the National Plan for Child

The editorial of this issue, titled Una comunità che educa (An educating community), was written by Pierpaolo Triani, Associate Professor o

As regards the legal field, beside the articles Le punizioni corporali nel diritto internazionale (Corporal punishment in international law)

27/06/2012 Argomento: Condition of children and adolescents, Adolescence , Childhood Tipo di risorsa: Publications Titoli: ThIA

The Italian Thesaurus on Childhood and Adolescence (Th.I.A.) contains all the terms used to enter the documents acquired by the Centre (bibliographi