Law No. 285/1997 and related databases

The projects carried out in the cities through the funding allocated by Law No. 285/1997 are collected in three databases: 

  • Law No. 285/1997 databases - first (1997-1999) and second (2000-2002) three-year period. They contain the projects carried out by the Regions and the beneficiary Cities with the funds provided by the law, as well as the documents linked to them and the information sheets relating to the bodies and persons involved in the various stages of the implementation of the law. These two databases are closed.
  • Archive of the projects under Law No. 285/1997 for children (from 2008 to2017). This section collects projects carried out in the Cities from 2008 to 2017 and allows for them to be monitored, evaluated and reported, making them available for web consultation. Each project's objectives, methodology, results, involved bodies, human and financial resources are described. Each project is accompanied by contact details and any attached documents that can be consulted directly from the database. 
  • Databases of the projects under Law No. 285/1997 for children. The database collects active projects starting from 2018. For each project the qualitative aspects (objectives, socio-cultural context on which the planning is based, local and national planning, type of promoted rights, used methodology, articulation of the activities, achieved results); the management aspects (involved bodies, employed human resources, reached recipients); and the financial and reporting aspects are described.