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The analysis activity, provided for in art. 3 of Law no. 451/1997, consists in the processing of data collected through the research and monitoring activities carried out internally and of data coming from selected sources. As regards in particular the implementation of policies, the primary sources are the local authorities (Regions and Municipalities) with which the National Centre has stable and fruitful relations. The analysis focuses on the condition of children and adolescents in general, as well as on specific topics, such as child abuse and the network of services for the prevention of hardship, children in separating families, outreach work with adolescents, intercountry adoption, child labour in Italy, projects in the Beneficiary Cities.

Moreover, the National Centre periodically analyses the state of implementation and the effects of legislation (including provisions not directly targeted at minors), in order to outline emerging trends and to assess progress made in programmes in favour of children and adolescents.

Over time, the results of this constant analysis and research have been used to draw up the draft reports to Parliament on the implementation of relevant laws:

  • Provisions for the promotion of rights and opportunities for children and adolescents (Law no. 285/1997),
  • Amendments to Law no. 184 of 4 May 1983, concerning "Rules governing child adoption and fostering", and to Title VIII of Book 1 of the Civil Code (Law no. 149/2001),
  • Provisions against the exploitation of prostitution, pornography, and sexual tourism to the detriment of children: the new forms of slavery” (Law no. 269/1998).

The Centre also collaborates with the National Observatory on Childhood and Adolescence to elaborate:


The results of the analysis activity are disseminated through the Publications of the National Centre, in particular in the Quaderni del Centro and in the periodical Cittadini in Crescita.