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The aims of these activities are to investigate the living conditions of children and adolescents by collecting original information and data and to outline the evolution of some particularly relevant phenomena over time.


Research focuses in particular on the fields which are not adequately (or not at all) covered by the media. Over the years, different social research strategies have been used, such as surveys, sample studies, as well as focus groups and individual interviews.



The activity consists in the periodical and systematic collection of significant data and information on the condition of minors. From a methodological point of view, it is based on an effective network of relations with the entities which must periodically supply the requested information according to a given schedule. Another distinctive element is the use of a standardized information grid, thanks to which it is possible to make comparisons on a minimum set of information over time. The researches and the results of the monitoring activity can be accessed and downloaded from the Publications of the Centre.


The results of the research and monitoring activities can be accessed under the resource Research and Surveys  [Ricerche e monitoraggi] .