Secure internet access

Secure internet access. Protection against online abuse, exploitation and violence against children
Digital technologies are an integral part of children's lives, as instruments for communication and relationships, information, learning, creativity and participation. In recent years, partly due to the health emergency arising from the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, the internet and other digital communication and information technologies have played an even more prominent role in the lives of young people.

Just think of distance learning, something that dominated the last school year and continues, in part, to feature in the current one. It is estimated that currently 6 out of 10 teenagers spend, on average, more than 5 hours a day online (in particular between 5 and 10 hours). The survey, promoted by "Generazioni Connesse" (Connected Generations), the Italian Centre for Internet Safety and Security led by the Ministry of Education, was presented on Safer Internet Day 2021, the world day dedicated to the positive use of the Internet.

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