• cover del rapporto Save the Children Le Equilibriste: la maternità in Italia 2023

    Maternity in Italy 2023, Save the Children report

    Based on the latest ISTAT data, in 2022 the number of births fell below the 400,000 mark for the first time since the unification of Italy, to 393,000. While there are many contributing factors behind the delay of motherhood and low birth rate, there is a direct and positive relationship between female labour market participation and...
  • immagine di ragazza di spalle per evocare i temi dei giovani care leavers al centro del Care Leavers Day del 18 maggio

    Care Leavers Day 2023

    On 18 May, Care Leavers Day is celebrated to raise awareness among all citizens on the plight and needs of care leavers, young people coming out of care in the community or in foster care who, at the age of eighteen, often find themselves alone and disorientated, without a home, a job or adequate social support. To mark the Day, we would...
  • immagine di bambino solo fotografato di spalle per evocare il tema della Giornata nazionale contro la pedofilia e la pedopornografia

    National Day against Paedophilia and Child Pornography 2023

    To mark the National Day against Paedophilia and Child Pornography on 5 May, introduced by Italian law 41/2009 to focus attention on an often-hidden phenomenon affecting many children and young people, with very serious consequences on their health and future. The event Nobody wants to talk about it marks Telefono Azzurro Day, together with the Department...
  • immagine di ragazzi che vanno a scuola per evocare il tema delle Linee di indirizzo per favorire il diritto allo studio delle alunne e degli alunni che sono stati adottati 2023

    Adopted pupils, Ministry of Education Guidelines updated

    The Guidelines for facilitating the right to study of pupils who have been adopted 2023 are online on the website of the Italian Ministry of Education and Merit. The document updates the previous Guidelines on the subject, developed by the Ministry in 2014 with the aim of providing useful indications and policy guidelines to help schools ensure...
  • immagine di bambini che corrono per evocare il tema della conferenza conclusiva della terza fase preparatoria del Sistema europeo di Garanzia per i bambini vulnerabili

    Final conference of the third preparatory phase of the Childhood Guarantee

    On 20 and 21 April, the final conference of the third preparatory phase of the European Guarantee System for Vulnerable Children (Child Guarantee), a European Commission initiative aimed at promoting equal opportunities and ensuring access to essential services for children at risk of poverty or social exclusion, was held in Sofia...
  • immagine con due persone che giocano a pallacanestro sullo sfondo e in primo piano un ragazzo isolato dal contesto

    Migrants and Refugees: UNICEF and EU Commission launch "Protect" project

    Strengthening protection and inclusion interventions for more than 20,000 girls, boys, adolescents, young people and women who are refugees and migrants in Italy. This is the objective of "Protect", the project launched on 15 February 2023 by UNICEF and the Directorate General for Migration and Home...
  • locandina della quarta campagna di sensibilizzazione e contrasto al cyberbullismo lanciata dal Dipartimento per le politiche della famiglia della Presidenza del Consiglio dei ministri il 7 febbraio 2023

    Together, we win!, a campaign by the Family Department against cyberbullying

    Informing and raising awareness about online bullying, underlining the support of institutions to victims and the commitment of public administrations to combat the phenomenon to ensure greater online safety of children and young people: this is the objective of the fourth campaign to raise awareness and combat cyberbullying launched by the Department for...
  • locandina della Giornata mondiale per la sicurezza in Rete

    Safer Internet Day 2023

    Safer Internet Day (SID), the World Network Safety Day established by the European Commission, turns 20 on 7 February. It is a very important opportunity to lead girls and boys to reflect not only on the conscious use of the web but also "on the active and responsible role of everyone in the creation of the internet as a positive and safe place". Many...
  • locandina della Giornata mondiale della tolleranza zero contro le mutilazioni genitali femminili

    World day against female genital mutilation 2023

    Female genital mutilation (FGM) has very serious consequences on the physical and mental health of girls and young women who undergo it. The World Day of Zero Tolerance against Female Genital Mutilation, which occurs on 6 February, was established by the United Nations precisely to spread ever-increasing awareness of this practice that...
  • locandina della consultazione pubblica Il futuro che vorrei

    The future I would like, online consultation of the Italian Ombudsman for Children

    The future I would like is the new online public consultation aimed at adolescents between 14 and 18 years old launched by the Italian Ombudsman for Children (AGIA) Carla Garlatti on 16 January to gather the views of young people on expectations and proposals for action with respect to the future awaiting them. The initiative,...
  • campo di concentramento

    Day of Remembrance 2023

    27 January is a Day of Remembrance. It is a very important date, which sees all the countries of the world committed to promoting initiatives to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust and encourage reflection and remembrance. The anniversary was established in Italy with the law 211/2000, to ensure the commemoration of the extermination...
  • cover del rapporto Unicef Transforming Education with Equitable Financing

    Public spending on education, UNICEF report

    Children from the poorest families benefit less from national public funding for education. According to the recent UNICEF report Transforming Education with Equitable Financing, on average the poorest 20% of students benefit from only 16% of public funding for education, compared to the richest, who benefit from 28%. In low-...