Bibliographic review on childhood and adolescence 1/21

cover della Rassegna bibliografica infanzia e adolescenza 1/2021

Issue 1/21 of the quarterly journal Rassegna bibliografica infanzia e adolescenza is a dynamic pdf, with internal hyperlinks and links to the web, indicated by dedicated symbols.

The journal offers a selection of recent bibliographic production (monographs, journal articles and grey literature produced by organisations and associations) on the themes of childhood and adolescence and each issue has a reading path and a filmography on specific themes as a supplement.

Reading Proposals, divided into three sections, are presented:

  • National scope,
  • International scope (reporting contributions in foreign languages regarding some particularly significant international experiences),
  • Our Ancestors (featuring publications from previous decades that are still of interest to the scientific community today).

The bibliographic citations presented lead to the document files in the Catalogue of the Innocenti Library, from which it is possible to download freely accessible electronic documents; for those with restricted access, however, it is necessary to request credentials from the Library, to which the loan of volumes and the document delivery of articles can also be requested.

From the Catalogue you can also extend your search to the WorldCat Catalogue, developed by OCLC (Online Computer Library Center), which brings together the holdings from 70,000 of the world's largest libraries.


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