Children's rights: thematic path

Supplemento alla RB 3-4/2018

30 years after the promulgation of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, Roberta Bosisio (University of Turin) identifies some critical issues in the current debate on children's rights: 1) the meanings attributed to the concept of childhood and children's rights; 2) the interpretation of the notion of child protection and that of children's participation; 3) the "automatic" application of the rights contained in the Convention, not taking into account the socio-economic-cultural contexts in which each child lives; 4) the impact of the Convention, i.e. the identification of indicators that allow for the assessment of the increased or reduced well-being of children following the implementation of the Convention.

Through the analysis of a number of films, Lucia Cini, an educationalist, traces a filmographic path on the rights of children taking as a starting point I bambini e noi (1970, 1978) by Luigi Comencini, an extraordinary documentary investigation carried out by interviewing children from different Italian regions, belonging to the poorest social classes, which photographed and described a country that was as deprived as it was careless.

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