Right to education

2023/01/23 Type of resource International law Topics Rights of children and adolescents Education Titles Focus areas Activities Legal review
Cover dell'inquadramento normativo sul diritto all'educazione dei bambini e dei ragazzi

Children and young people's right to education: a legal framework

The right to education is an undeniable human right to be placed within the framework of fundamental guarantees, recognised as a social interest to establish and ensure a cultural basis for all citizens, which is indispensable for healthy and balanced psycho-physical development. All this highlights the exceptional importance of children and young people's claim to the right to education.

The United Nations General Assembly has, over time, adopted several tools that affirm children and young people's right to education, while also outlining the fundamental aspects for its practical and effective implementation.

Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights guarantees every individual the right to schooling, with the aim of fully developing the human personality and strengthening respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. In the preamble of the same act, various social bodies are invited to promote respect for these rights and freedoms through teaching and education.

The main international legislation on children and young people's right to education is attached.