Emotional education: thematic path

Emotional education is the theme of the new supplement to Rassegna bibliografica 3/2015. Maria Rita Mancaniello, Researcher in General and Social Pedagogy at the University of Florence, reflects on the importance, in the context of new educational needs, of appropriate emotional education in terms of balanced and well-organised personal development.

Finally, on the margins of the path, there is a short study on parenting in prison.

Marco Dalla Gassa, Lecturer in History and Criticism of Cinema, starting from Federico Bondi and Clemente Bicocchi's documentary, set in the Pestalozzi primary school in Florence and entitled Educazione affettiva (Italy, 2015), reflects on the cinematic representation of the emotions of a class of children who have spent the last five years of their lives together and find themselves living through the last days of school before the group breaks up and the delicate transition to adulthood begins.

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