Fragile families: thematic path

copertina del percorso di lettura e filmografico sulle famiglie fragili della Rassegna bibliografica 1/2015

Through an extensive survey of studies on the family since the 1950s and 1960s, the supplement to Rassegna bibliografica 1/2015 deals with the theme of "fragile families", those which come into contact with social services, mainly for issues related to the dimension of parenthood. Paola Milani, Professor of General and Social Pedagogy at the University of Padua and Coordinator of the P.I.P.I. Programme of intervention for the prevention of institutionalisation, and Ombretta Zanon, Research Fellow, present a brief summary of the recent evolution of the theorisations on these families and, specifically, on the concept of parenting.

Marco Dalla Gassa, Lecturer in Film History and Criticism, presents a cinematic overview of fragile families starting from the neorealist cinema of Vittorio De Sica, Roberto Rossellini and Luchino Visconti, which saw a new focus on the perspective of children and adolescents and their suffering.

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