Guidelines for foster care

2012/11/26 Type of resource Guidelines Topics Foster care Titles A path in foster care Activities A path in foster care

The Guidelines for family foster care are part of the national project 'Un percorso nell'affido (A path in foster care),' launched in 2008 by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies in collaboration with the National Coordination of Foster Care Services, the Department for Family Policies, the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces, UPI, ANCI and the National Centre for Documentation and Analysis for Childhood and Adolescence.

The guidelines have an index structure divided into three macro-areas:

  1. the subjects and the context;
  2. the characteristics and conditions for fostering families;
  3. the fostering process.

The topics covered deal with the organisation of services, tools and relationships with the judiciary in a comprehensive manner.

The Guidelines for Family Foster Care were approved by the Unified Conference of Government-Regions/Autonomous Provinces on 25 October 2012.