Handbook of childcare services. Second edition

copertina della seconda edizione del Manuale dei servizi educativi per l’infanzia

Planning, designing and managing for quality in the integrated system

The updating of the Manual, in this second edition, is part of the implementation of monitoring activities for the purpose of assessing the level of implementation of the extraordinary plan and other interventions for the development of the territorial system of socio-educational services for early childhood, defined in the Agreement signed on 10 April 2017 between the Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Department for Family Policies and Istituto degli Innocenti of Florence.

This edition also features a navigable format, instead of the classic printed manual, in order to offer readers a flexible tool that can be adapted to the specific needs of those who use it, making it easy to consult the parts of greatest interest, and to calibrate the design task in the specific contexts of operation.

This handbook obviously has no prescriptive value but is intended as a provisional synthesis of good guidelines that can certainly be improved in future editions supported more directly by experiences and contributions from the different realities of the country.