All children's right to play: thematic path

The thematic path, of Rassegna bibliografica supplement 4/2017, deals with the theme of all children's right to play. Gianfranco Staccioli, a well-known pedagogue and author of numerous books on the educational and formative importance of play, offers many insights into how the right to play should not only be guaranteed but also effectively exercised during childhood. An in-depth bibliography is dedicated to the right to play of the "excluded", including children with disabilities, hospitalised children and children with imprisoned parents, for whom much remains to be done to guarantee the exercise of this fundamental right.

The filmographic path Cinema and the right to play, by Annamaria Poli, retraces the theme of the right to play in cinema with a historical-chronological approach based on the works of early directors. In particular, through the selection of some films by the Lumière brothers, which offer different testimonies of children's, adolescents' and adults' play. The author highlights how play takes on numerous interpretations in relation to its very meaning, as a right to leisure, free time and culture.

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