Inclusion of children with special educational needs: thematic path

Inclusion of children with special educational needs is the topic addressed in the online supplement to Rassegna bibliografica 3/2014. Maurizio Parente, Pedagogist, proposes a reflection on the topic in order to understand which perspectives exist for a full and real implementation of inclusive processes of subjects with difficulties not only in schools, but also in wider social contexts. The reading path offers, through a bibliographic survey, a framework of the state of the art of inclusive processes that, while not neglecting important international research, focuses on the Italian path.

The filmography, compiled by Marco Dalla Gassa, Lecturer in Film History and Criticism at Ca' Foscari University in Venice, presents a number of films that have effectively represented diversity and disability, starting with Tod Browning's Freaks (1932), through to David Lynch's masterpiece The elephant man (1980) and the most recent Italian-made films such as Stefano Cattini's L'isola dei sordobimbi (2010) and Saverio Costanzo's La solitudine dei numeri primi (2010), to name but a few.

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