The phenomenon of violence against children: thematic path

Child abuse and maltreatment is the topic of the online supplement to Rassegna bibliografica 3/2013. Sarah Miragoli, Research Fellow in Developmental Psychology, CRIdee, Cattolica University of Milan, explores the phenomenon through an annotated guide to the existing bibliography in order to allow the reader (social service workers, legal practitioners, teachers, educators, parents and all those who want to document this topic and/or are involved in the world of childhood) to enter a field of knowledge of a complex and intricate phenomenon.

The filmographic path, by Chiara Tognolotti, investigates the cinematic representations of child abuse, trying to trace stereotypes and guidelines, in the belief that such knowledge can contribute to formulate renewed and more effective ways of intervention. The themes addressed in the proposed feature films are those related to violence in the family (incest and sexual abuse), psychological violence, excess and lack of care, abuse in the school and religious context, and the violence of the other.

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