PIPPI Evaluation Report 2018-2020

2021/01/18 Type of resource Reports Topics Family policies and social plans Titles P.I.P.P.I. Activities The P.I.P.P.I. Documentation
copertina del Rapporto di valutazione 2018-2020 progetto PIPPI

The final Report of the seventh edition (2018-2020) of the PIPPI Programme, by the University of Padua’s Laboratory of Research and Intervention in Family Education (LabRIEF), gives an account of the results of the seventh edition of PIPPI. This project is promoted by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and carried out in collaboration with LabRIEF and other entities to prevent the removal of minors by adopting an innovative approach of taking charge of the family unit.

PIPPI continues to focus on the issue of evaluation in the dual sense of evaluating the individual family situation and evaluating the effectiveness of the Programme as a whole. In the first case, the parties involved are the families and social services, while in the second case, the Ministry that promotes and finances the Programme is the main party involved. It must remain accountable to citizens for investments made using public money, and make the process and outcome data related to these investments available to both the scientific community and the community of political decision-makers.

A summary of the Evaluation Report 2018-2020 was published in issue 47 of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy’s Social Research Notebooks series.