Poverty and social exclusion of children and young people: thematic path

The new supplement to Rassegna bibliografica addresses the issue of poverty and social exclusion of children and young people. Enrico Moretti, a statistician at Istituto degli Innocenti, examines the most recent studies, including those of an international nature, and highlights the fact that poverty is a complex and multidimensional phenomenon whose nature and measurement criteria, although based on shared elements, are the subject of continuous debate and evolution. The contribution highlights the importance of studies that bring to the fore the views of children and give them a status as individuals capable of describing and assessing issues that affect them, including poverty.

Taking Italian neorealist cinema as a starting point, Marco Dalla Gassa, in this new filmographic journey, explores the representation of childhood in relation to poverty, taking into consideration films that document the passage from a condition of well-being to one of poverty, rather than dealing with those films that represent extreme situations. The reflection focuses, in particular, on American cinema that depicts portraits of single mothers with dependent children, poised between integration and marginalisation.

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