Notebook 48 - Accepting children, biographies, stories and families

This issue of the Quaderni of the National Centre reports the results of the preparatory work to the report on the implementation of Law no. 149/2001. This law provides the legal basis for care and protection policies in favour of children and adolescents whose families are in a difficult situation.

The long and complex analysis was carried out by the National Centre in close collaboration with the Regions and Autonomous Provinces and with the two Ministries which are most directly involved in the process: the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and the Ministry of Justice. 

The survey focuses on the quantitative aspects of the phenomenon (as of 31 December 2007) and it describes the legislative and administrative framework which governs it at a local level. However, the study also makes a qualitative assessment of the state of implementation of Law no. 149/2001 on the basis of interviews with the main stakeholders: regional officials, presidents of juvenile courts, regional ombudsmen for children, workers of local services – both public and of the third sector.