Notebook 56 - Projects in 2012

copertina del Quaderno 59 - Relazione sullo stato di attuazione della L. 285 anno 2012

The first two parts of the Report to Parliament on the state of implementation of Law 285/1997 for 2012, published in Notebook 56 of the National Centre, give an account of the results of two experimental projects (Pippi and R.S.C.) and present a detailed analysis of the projects implemented by the fifteen cities with funds established by Law 285 and made available for 2012.

The third part presents an analysis of area and, in part, regional planning, with a specific focus on structured or experimental services for children and adolescents in the riservatarie cities, offers a summary of the results of the experimentation on the Interregional Nomenclature of Interventions and Social Services (2009 version), and reports three case studies in Turin, Bologna and Bari.

The fourth part proposes an analysis of the conditions of well-being of children and adolescents and of minors outside the family in the riservatarie cities. Finally, the last part is dedicated to the theme of listening to children and adolescents in the care process.

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