Fourth report on the status of the implementation of Law 149/2001

The Fourth Report on the status of the implementation of Law 149/2001, published in issue no. 41 of social research Notebooks, a series of publications of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies, dwells on various aspects: the quantitative and qualitative data on family foster care, reception in residential services and national and international adoption; the outcomes of the survey on the implementation of the law through the juvenile courts and the juvenile prosecutors' offices (procura minorile), conducted by the Department of Juvenile and Community Justice of the Ministry of Justice; the main innovations in international, European, national and regional legislation on the reception of children and adolescents outside their families; the panorama of interventions in support of unaccompanied minors; the initiatives of central administrations; a selection of emerging issues affecting the action of central, regional and local administrations; a survey of available resources.