Bibliographic review on childhood and adolescence 1/12 - Parenting and birth

How have childbirth services changed over the years? How has social and cultural attention to birth evolved? This is what Raffaella Scalisi, psychologist, founder and current head of the association Il Melograno, a maternity and birth information centre in Rome, tells us in the reading path of number 1/2012 of the Rassegna bibliografica. The volume contains, as usual, a filmography and some suggestions for reading.

The filmographic journey, curated by Fabrizio Colamartino, analyses the way in which the cinema has represented birth, pregnancy and the care of a child in the first months of its life, placing these events at the centre of very diverse stories. The exhibition closes with an overview of the production of documentaries on pregnancy and motherhood in international and Italian spheres.