Bibliographic review on childhood and adolescence 2/12 - Listening to the child

The reading path of the second 2012 issue, edited by Piercarlo Pazé, director of the journal Minorigiustizia - and retired juvenile and family judge -, focuses on the theme of listening to the child. The author retraces the steps that led to a new culture of childhood where the introduction of the term "listening" was intended to underline mainly affective actions.

Below we review the practice of listening to the child in the specific situations in which he or she lives: in the family; in a foster family or community or school or services; by public institutions in the course of judicial, administrative, social or health procedures concerning a child.

The filmography curated by Fabrizio Colamartino tackles issues relating to listening in the family (with a focus on Italian cinema in recent years), the figures who manage to come into contact with children and adolescents, the attempts of young protagonists to escape dialogue with adults by isolating themselves in dimensions of fantasy and, finally, to the places and situations that favour and welcome dialogue between different generations, at least in cinema.

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