Bibliographic review on childhood and adolescence 4/10 - Research with children

Which role should be given to children in a research process? This is the topic addressed in the bibliographic review by Luigina Mortari, Professor of Epistemology of Pedagogical Research at the University of Verona, and by Valentina Mazzoni, researcher in General Pedagogy and Child Pedagogy at the University of Padua, branch of Verona.

The aim of “research with children”is to promote the adoption of a new working methodology, creating the opportunities for children not to have a subordinate, object-like role, but rather to become protagonists. The authors argue that research should take children’s views into serious consideration, in order to get to know their world and to use the collected data to improve the services targeted at them.

The bibliographic review also highlights the critical aspects identified by some researchers in the promotion of child participation.

In the filmography review, Fabrizio Colamartino and Marco Dalla Gassa analyse the role of children in social research documentaries.

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