Report to Parliament on combating abuse and exploitation: 2018

Relazione al Parlamento in materia di contrasto all'abuso e allo sfruttamento - Anno 2018

The 2018 report focuses on providing key elements regarding the adoption of specific coordination actions, above all at government level, as well as knowledge of data on the phenomenon and the promotion of intervention policies, in order to be better disseminated and applied at a national level.

This report aims to highlight relevant issues and data on the phenomenon and its most recent developments and criticalities, through specific thematic in-depth analysis at the legal, statistical and data analysis level on emerging phenomena related to sexual violence against minors. It also illustrates the activities carried out at national and international level by institutional and non-institutional actors - such as State administrations, Regions, local authorities and the Third Sector - to prevent and combat the phenomenon of sexual abuse and exploitation in our country during 2018.