Report to Parliament on combating sexual abuse and exploitation: year 2020

cover della Relazione sulla L. 269 contrasto all'abuso e sfruttamento sessuale dei minori di età

The Report to Parliament on the coordination activities on prostitution, pornography, sex tourism involving children, as new forms of slavery pursuant to Article 17, paragraph 1, of Law No. 269 of 3 August 1998, covering the year 2020, presents a detailed picture of preventive activities, counteraction, assistance and protection of child victims of sexual abuse and exploitation carried out by public administrations and national third sector associations most committed to preventing and counteracting the phenomenon.

The 2020 edition of the Report is divided into four chapters:
•    The first chapter is dedicated to the policies and interventions implemented on the national front to protect children against the effects of the pandemic emergency;
•    the second contains data analysis and statistics on the abuse and exploitation of girls, children and adolescents at the time of Covid-19;
•    The third chapter focuses on international, European and national child protection monitoring bodies and instruments;
•    lastly, the fourth is devoted to the specific commitment of central administrations and the third sector to prevent and combat the phenomenon.

The publication is completed by a regulatory appendix listing the main legal instruments on abuse, maltreatment and, more generally, violence that directly or indirectly involves children and adolescents.