Report to Parliament on sexual abuse and exploitation 2021

copertina della Relazione al Parlamento in materia di contrasto allo sfruttamento della prostituzione, della pornografia, del turismo sessuale in danno di minori, quali nuove forme di schiavitù - anno 2021

The Report to Parliament on the coordinated activity referred to in article 17, paragraph 1, of Italian Law no. 269 of 3 August 1998 (Regulations against the exploitation of prostitution, pornography and sex tourism to the detriment of children, as new forms of slavery), drawn up annually by the Prime Minister's Office for Family Policies in conjunction with the Istituto degli Innocenti in Florence, is an important cognitive tool for analysing the interventions implemented by the many institutional and non-institutional bodies involved in the protection of children who are victims of sexual abuse and exploitation and in the fight against these crimes.

By examining the data provided by the various organisations involved and by describing the actions carried out at the national, international and European levels, both by institutional and civil society bodies, the Report provides an analysis of the phenomenon for the year 2021, bringing the initiatives undertaken in the sector under consideration to the attention of Parliament, in order to offer a complete overview of the interventions carried out.

The aim of the Report is to provide insights into the priorities for action to be promoted and to identify new tangible and effective strategies.

For ease of reading, an executive summary has been added to the text of the report, which sums up the main evidence offered.