Report to Parliament on the state of implementation of Law 269/1998: years 1998-1999

copertina della Relazione al Parlamento sullo stato di attuazione della L. 269/1998:  anni 1998-1999

Reporting for the years 1998-1999, this report takes into account not only Law no. 269/98 but also law no. 66 of 15 February 1996 on sexual violence: the problems addressed by the two laws are closely connected; the objectives to be pursued - which consist of protecting not only the physical but also the psychological integrity of the subjects most exposed to aggression and exploitation – cannot fail to be similar and often overlap in their causes as well as in their specific manifestations; the interventions, both victim support and enforcement, are characterised by similar approaches and methodologies and make use of the same public or private services.

The Report was presented to Parliament somewhat later than the planned target date of 1999: this delay was due to the need to wait until the law, which essentially entered into force in September 1998, had passed its first implementation phase and consequently allowed for the organisation of the tools and methods for surveying the reality and documenting the interventions.