The Report on the condition of children and adolescents in Italy 2012-2015

The 2012-2015 Report is divided into five chapters. The first focuses on various issues: the birth rate, changes and the crisis of family relationships, poverty and social exclusion among children and families, children with foreign citizenship, the network of social and educational services for early childhood, and resources for children and adolescents.
The second chapter focuses on child and family poverty and measures to combat social exclusion, while the third chapter is devoted to the system of educational services for children in Italy.
The fourth chapter deals with the issue of social integration and inclusion from a socio-legal point of view, paying particular attention to children and adolescents with foreign citizenship, Roma, Sinti and Caminanti children, unaccompanied foreign minors, children and adolescents with disabilities and special educational needs and adolescents involved in the juvenile criminal system.
Finally, the fifth chapter explores the issue of parenting support and the care system.