Residential services for young people leaving care: thematic path

The new supplement to Rassegna bibliografica 4/2016 addresses, in its reading path, the topic of residential services for autonomy dedicated to young people coming out of care sector paths. Federico Zullo, Educator and President of the Agevolando association, reflects on the topic taking the birth of the so-called "apartments for autonomy" as a starting point. At the end of the contribution, an information box contains the regional regulations that determine residential contexts for autonomy and the most recent bibliography on the topic.

Marco Dalla Gassa's filmographic path offers a reflection not so much on the 'individuals', i.e. the (almost) adult children in the care of the social services, but on the 'environments', i.e. on the housing units themselves and on the symbolic and social significance they have, regardless of their value and function.

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