Sports and gender discrimination

2023/03/15 Type of resource Rules and case law Topics Gender discrimination Women's rights Sports Titles Focus areas Activities Legal review
Cover approfondimento giuridico sul tema dello Sport e delle discriminazioni di genere

Sports and gender discrimination. Beyond the stereotypes: the participation of girls

In Italy, sporting activity is regulated by the state and the regions in a residual manner, so that its management is delegated to the various Federations (or Bodies).

However, nowadays it seems to be more than necessary for both national and supranational institutions to intervene, if we consider the practice of sport as an instrument for the protection and development of the health and personal and social formation of young sportspeople who are, even before being budding athletes, growing citizens.

Indeed, it is fundamental for the institutions to intervene in order to remove from the individual sports disciplines – particularly those that are most critical from this point of view – the discrimination that is often instilled in young participants from an early age, and that ends up influencing their ideas and education in relation to gender identity and sexual orientation.

Attached is an in-depth legal analysis on the topic of sport and gender discrimination.