Education and artificial intelligence, Unesco online document

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ragazza che lavora al computer per evocare il tema dell'intelligenza artificiale e il futuro dell'educazione a cui è dedicato il documento Unesco Generative AI and the future of education

Artificial intelligence (AI) certainly opens up new horizons for education, but urgent action is needed to integrate these new technologies according to a determined and regulated human model, not left to chance and without guidelines.

This was emphasised by Unesco in the recent document Generative AI and the future of education, drafted by Assistant Director-General for Education Stefania Giannini and dedicated to the new challenges in teaching and learning processes posed by AI chatbots and their use in schools and academic institutions.

According to the document (available online on the organisation's website, on the dedicated page), schooling must remain "a human act that is embedded in social relationships and interactions".

Unesco is currently drafting guidelines on the use of artificial intelligence in education that will be presented during the organisation's Digital Learning Week, which will take place from 4 to 7 September in Paris.

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