Child labour in Italy, Save the Children survey

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Save the Children's new survey It's not a game is dedicated to child labour in Italy. The research shines the spotlight on a global phenomenon that also affects our country, in a widespread way but still largely undetected and unseen, with the aim of defining its characteristics, understanding its features, its evolution over time and its connections with dropping out of school.

The survey estimates that 336,000 children aged between 7 and 15 in Italy have had experience of work, either continuous, irregular or occasional, almost one in 15. Among the 14-15 year olds engaged in work activities, a substantial group (27.8%) held jobs that were particularly detrimental to their education and psychophysical wellbeing (because they involved the children on an ongoing basis during school time or at night, or because they were seen as dangerous by the respondents themselves).

Available on the Save the Children website, in the "Publications" section, the research also focuses on children involved in the juvenile justice system, among whom there is a very high rate of dropping out of school.
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