Child poverty in Lebanon, Unicef report

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Much of the progress made in Lebanon towards achieving the fundamental rights of children – including the right to health, education, protection, play and recreation – has been eroded by the economic crisis and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unicef Deprived Childhoods report.

Child poverty in crisis-wracked Lebanon shows how three years of devastating crisis in the Asian country have plunged children into poverty, affecting their health, well-being and education, shattering their hopes and destroying family relationships.

According to the publication's data, 84% of households did not have enough money to cover their needs, 38% reduced their spending on education compared to 26% in April 2021, 60% reduced their spending on health care compared to 42% in April 2021, and 70% were forced to borrow money for food or buy food on credit. In addition, 36% of carers feel less tolerant towards children and treat them more harshly.

The report reveals that children are aware of the effect that the crisis is having on their lives and on the country; many no longer dream of a better future in Lebanon and believe that emigration is their only hope.

The report is available on the Unicef website, in the dedicated news item.

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