The juvenile offender: thematic path

The juvenile offender is the theme of the supplement to Rassegna bibliografica 1/2016. The jurist Paola Pannia, starting from the studies that offer an analysis on the statistical data, the biographical characteristics and the geographies of these minors, presents a picture of the juvenile justice system, reflecting on the representations, the criminal justice models, the intervention strategies, and the restorative justice tools. The contribution also examines the evolution of cultural, juridical, and social orientations regarding the condition of juvenile offenders, focusing mainly on the Italian experience, but also including, in a specific section, an in-depth analysis of the international context.

The filmographic path, created by Marco Dalla Gassa, Lecturer in History and Criticism of Cinema, reflects on the cinematic representation of juvenile crime, on how a crime is portrayed, what dynamics it triggers, what interpretations of the world it brings out. There are so many films that deal with the theme of juvenile delinquency that they almost represent a genre in themselves.

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