Support for trafficking victims thanks to Save the Children Eva project

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ragazza sola per evocare il fenomeno della tratta di esseri umani, che il progetto Eva Early identification and protection of Victims of Trafficking in Border Areas si propone di combattere

Trafficking in human beings has similar characteristics all over the world: migrants, recruited in their countries of origin with the promise of better living conditions in the European Union, often become victims of various forms of exploitation, both in transit and in destination countries.

Eva the ‘Early identification and protection of Victims of Trafficking in Border Areas’ project - implemented by Save the Children in partnership with six organizations in Italy, France and Spain - aims to combat the phenomenon, ensuring the relief from exploitation of minors and women up to the age of 30, with or without children, potential victims of trafficking or at risk of falling back into the network of exploiters, in the transit zones between the three European countries.

The initiative also aims to provide protection and social reintegration pathways for the victims, provided by governments through various steps, including access to a shelter, a place where trafficked women, together with their children, can escape the coercion and control of trafficking networks.

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