The National Centre works on the collection of data and information on the condition of children in Italy, on public and private social services and actions, as well as on the resources allocated for them.

The Centre is also in charge of promoting the exchange of  the experiences and projects carried out throughout the national territory. To this end, as part of the monitoring and documentation activities, tools have been developed for the systematic and periodic collection of data, projects and experiences, that were made available on the Web for consultation by policy-makers and service operators, but also individual citizens.

Concerning specifically Law No. 285/1997 over the years  the Centre has created specific databases (see the relevant section on Other activities).
The development of information and documentation systems by the Centre has contributed to the establishment of a methodology for the analysis of phenomena affecting children based on known data and their exchange, through processes of monitoring, verification and evaluation of actions and resources, as a support to the implementation of policies at national and regional level.