Law No. 285/1997 and related pilot projects [so called “Experimentations”]

The networking activity developed over time among the 15 Cities receiving a reserved share of the  fund under Law No. 285/1997 has constituted a breeding ground for the launch of strategic actions aimed at optimizing both know-how and resources, in order to explore effective ways for the transferability of the most interesting social work experiences and the most significant projects.

This is an activity that also responds to the consistent and integrated vision existing in child policies underlying Law No. 285/1997, which combines coordination and consultation among different subjects, with innovation and experimentation. Over the last twenty years, the Coordination Committee established by the law  has continuously shown that these are the intentions of the law, while striving to ensure integrated visions of skills and their management in an institutional and administrative context, and with a steady commitment to understanding the reality and explore new approaches.

The pilot projects created within the Committee over the last ten years, from the P.I.P.P.I. Programme to the National Project for the inclusion of Roma, Sinti and Caminanti children, up to the recent Get Up Project, have been an opportunity to reflect on what forms of governance of policies and actions at local level should be adopted in order to make the innovative processes encouraged by the projects more concrete, sustainable and useful.