The activity of documentation consists of finding, selecting, cataloguing and disseminating documents relating to childhood and adolescence and produced in the regulatory, bibliographic, statistical and filmographic fields. The resources can be in both paper and electronic format. The catalogued documentation can be accessed from the  Catalogue of the A.C. Moro Innocenti Library.

The statistical documentation has no longer been updated in the catalogue after 2010 and can currently be found in the Analysis, research and monitoring section of the website.

The documentation activity also includes the creation of web products and publications such as the Childhood and Adolescence Bibliographic Review with its supplements Thematic Paths, the Bulletin of the Library's new bibliographic and legal entries, reviews and legal comments.

For this activity, specific cataloguing tools have been developed: the Childhood and Adolescence Classification Scheme, used for the classification and placement of the documents, and the Italian Th.I.A.-Thesaurus of Childhood and Adolescence, used for the indexing of the documentation.

The documentation activity is available for the institutional bodies of reference, professionals and service operators, scholars and students, as well as individual citizens interested in these topics.

The public service for the consultation and lending of documents is provided by the A.C. Moro Innocenti Library, created by the Istituto degli Innocenti in collaboration with the UNICEF Office of Research - Innocenti, in agreement with the Italian Government and the Tuscany Region.