Reports on the implementation of the laws concerning children

The National Centre performs a monitoring function on the implementation of the UN Convention and the main national regulations related to the protection of children in order to identify good practices or critical areas.

Such a monitoring activity is carried out within the framework of the drafting of the Report to the UN, as well as of the the preparation of the Biennial Report on the condition of children, and for the preparation of specific reports, such as periodic reports on the implementation of Law No. 149/2001 establishing Amendments to Law No. 184 of 4 May 1983, on "Provisions on the adoption and custody of children", as well as Title VIII of the first book of the Civil Code, and Law No. 269/1998 providing for Provisions against the exploitation of prostitution, pornography, sex tourism to the detriment of children, as new forms of enslavement.

In some cases, monitoring is aimed at checking the level of effectiveness, efficiency and quality of actions of the regulations. Monitoring data are used to support the development and planning of services and for the evaluation and monitoring of the activities carried out by the managing bodies.